TO Soak or not to Soak is the Equestrian !

Possiabley the best time of year to soak when your hay is hard to find and Oaten hay is the easist to find. I always suggest soaking most horse dont mind eating it ! ( well mine dont lol )

Some known facts below to help you out :

Nutrient content Some horse owners soak their hay to reduce the amount of sugars, or non structural carbohydrates (NSC), in the forage. Horses that require a low-sugar diet, such as those with laminitis or insulin resistance, might benefit from soaked hay. 

The length of time you soak your hay results in significant differences in the reduction of respirable particles and nutrients. Soaking hay for 10 minutes can significantly reduce the number of respirable particles in grass hay, and longer soaking times do not necessarily result in a greater reduction in respirable particles. Soaking length does, however, affect sugar concentrations

One study has shown that when soaked hay is the only hay offered, there is no difference in a horse's voluntary intake compared to dry hay. Gradually introducing soaked hay into the diet might not only help avoid digestive upset due to a sudden diet change, but might also help a picky eater acclimate to new forage and maintain a normal feed intake.